Sunday, March 28, 2010

a beautiful day

the woman in the Dong villages making these  books for there embroidery yarn needles and so
they make the paper from leaves and grass  the fabric is also made by the woman and dyed with indigo

 and yesterday I went to a workshop to make my own  garenboekje
a wonderful day and I am very pleased with my book


maggi said...

What beautiful books and the folded pages in yours are lovely.

Jan said...

These are things of beauty. I love your folded parts, do they open? Is that where the needles go?

Sandra said...

Mooi Emmy. Ben nieuwsgierig hoe het er live uitziet.

Martine said...

Het ziet er prachtig uit en ik denk dat je er heel veel plezier aan gaat hebben.

Jackie said...

How amazing. Thanks for sharing this.