zondag, maart 21, 2010

week 3 for TAST 2

the beaded hedebo edge
the stitch for TAST 2
if you like to see howe the stitch is done go here
thanks to Sharon b a great blog

3 opmerkingen:

Sandra zei

Dank je wel voor de link.

Jouw steekjes zijn erg mooi geworden. Altijd leuk om iets nieuws uit te proberen.

Jan zei

Hello, I lost you for awhile when I lost my old computer and all my links. I suddenly remembered your name and googled you and glad I found you. Love your work! I'll be back, I need to look at some past posts.

Jan zei

I did enjoy perusing your blog again. Thanks for visiting mine also. I noticed in your profile that you like reading John Irving and Donna Tart. I especially enjoy John I too, and have read a book by Donna T that I really enjoyed, lets see if I can remember the title....I had to go look on my shelf, it is The Secret History. I have not read any by your other author. Anyway, nice to "see" you again!