zaterdag, november 20, 2010

Gift on a gray day

stitching on the forest quilt it is a gray day so a great day for stitching
the little box is a gift from my daughter she found it on a fly market
a lovely box for little buttons
and I found this lovely poem  Have a good weekend

a gray day
by Steve Patterson

Thursday, January 27, 2005
Rated "G" by the Author.
a gray day today
a gray day
done come my way
a little bit foggy
and rain
a little bit soggy
but i ain't blue
whatcha' gonna' do
i ain't goin' insane
ain't gonna' be mundane
ain't feelin' no heart pain

and though this day is gray
i remember yesterday
it was sunny
skys were blue
ain't it funny
whatcha' gonna' do
somedays are just that way
and somedays are gray

gotta' take the rain
with the sun
gotta' take the pain
with the fun
no need to go insane
no need to run

ya' can't appreciate
the darkness
'till it's too late
can't know it's starkness
until there's no light
until the day
is night
until the day is gray
until the Sun's passed away

a gray day today
a gray day done come my way
but that's OK
there's always another day

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Heartwideopen zei

That gorgeous cloth you're working on is going to be out of this world when your done. It makes my heart sing to look at the little snippets you've posted. I can't wait to see more!!
Thanks so much for the poem. You know, the words fit so well for the Pacific Northwest. Great words.

;~) Debi