zondag, november 14, 2010

lets start again

slowly and with more care making Klosjes,,    Spools  ,,,
I was not neat enough sometimes that is my problem
I go to fast and want to much so I make mistakes
And that takes more time I know I know
maybe if I grow up and old enough ,LOL.
I do it the first time right
so lets start again

6 opmerkingen:

Karen zei

I notice the fine liner pens in your picture, I have some of those too!! thankyou so much for visiting, it was lovely to get your comment.

jackie zei

I'm pleased you like the little book. Good luck with your projects.

jenclair zei

I have a problem with not being slow enough and/or neat enough! Your spools look great to me!

Michala Gyetvai (Kayla coo) zei

Hi Emmy,
Thank you for your kind words you left me on my blog.
Your spools look great, this must be so difficult to make.
M x

Anoniem zei

emmy je klosjes zijn schattig en op de een of andere manier klinkt alles wat je zegt op je blog als poezie.

Anoniem zei
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