Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Naked snowmen

2 naked snowmen  ,,,,,,,,, no embroidery yet
so there are 6 blocks now
still growing this snowmen quilt

the naked blocks need the embroidery
they look so cold and lonely
so naked

see you later when the embroidery is done

have a nice day


Willy said...

Gezellig zo allemaal bij elkaar!!!
Prachtig en wat zal dit leuk zijn om te doen!!!!

Angelcat said...

Your snowmen are soo adorable! :-)

deanna7trees said...

love the 2 waving over the fence.

Jan said...

these are looking good! They just melt my heart.

Tineke said...


Corryna said...

Mooi Emmy! En helemaal omdat het je eigen ontwerp is.

Miriam said...

De sneeuwmannenquilt wordt prachtig!