zondag, december 05, 2010

pillow talk

the finished pillow

10 opmerkingen:

deanna7trees zei

love it.

Maggi zei

That is just so lovely.

Vicki W zei

Very cool!

Willy zei

Errug mooi!!!!

Heartwideopen zei

BE-utiful... I just love all the wonderful softly vivid colors all melding together. It reminds me of a watercolor painting.

;~) Debi

Jensters zei

Love the colours and shape....wonderful

Anoniem zei

ik dacht even aan iets heel anders bij deze titel - vergeef mij ;)

Dotti zei

Nice job, Emmy...I especially love the are definitely thinking outside of the (very square) box!

Unknown zei

Great!!What a fine pillow!

jenclair zei

Love the colors, Emmy!