zaterdag, oktober 22, 2011

"My Dear," said The Claus

           "There really is no need to worry at all


Your projects will all be completed this night,

                                           I'm terribly sorry we gave you a fright."
                       "Sit down. Have some tea. It's relaxing, you'll see.
                        My friends and I've come a long way to help Thee."

                                      She thought she was dreaming, our dear Quilter did,

                                     In fact she quite feared that she near flipped her lid!

  But the flash of the needles and twist of the thread soon gave her to know
   she had nothing to dread.

They spoke no more words, but went straight to their sewing.                       
 How the work went so quickly she had no way way of knowing.

The stitches, how fine! The corners, how straight!
This Claus-woman's talent was awfully great.
They finished the pillows, then started to quilt.
Before they all knew it, the whole thing was built!

Now old Mrs. Claus, she knew quilters real well,
and she knew they'd need help on this night most of all
So she said to our quilter, "Just move over dear,
I've brought my own needle. We'll get done, never fear.
I told dear old Santa about what quilters do.
How they plan all these projects but have other work too.
So he taught me his magic for doing things fast.
There, that pillows done. Now this is the last.

They tidied their thread snips, and picked up the scraps
and chased our dear quilter's six cats from their laps.
As they scurried away with their thimbles still gleaming
dear Mrs. Claus paused, her cap ribbons streaming.

"Merry Christmas, my dear, now just have a ball!"

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