zondag, oktober 23, 2011


The penguin's a bird that cannot fly
But can swim like a torpedo!
And on the ice
It looks so nice
Dressed in its own tuxedo!

9 opmerkingen:

deanna7trees zei

how sweet...the words and the stitching.

Janny de Roo zei

Geweldig Emmy, wat een leuke afbeelding !

Klaske zei

Dat is een leuke pinguin!!

Nancy zei

So fun! zei

Love the verse! Sweet stitching too.

Magpie's Mumblings zei

So cute! He looks like he's skating.

karen zei

beautiful penguin!! How are you? well I hope....x

yvette zei

goede, fijne samhain Emmy!

MulticoloredPieces zei

Your Christmas appliqués are marvelous--so much fun!
best, nadia