dinsdag, januari 17, 2012


Jude is talking about Kantha

I did a try of Kantha for C&G
finished purse

6 opmerkingen:

Carol- Beads and Birds zei

Now I'll go find out what Kantha is.

Love your purse. REALLY love it!

jude zei

love ly!

Klaske zei

Wat is dat in leuke beurs wurden Emmy! Ik fien um harstikke mooi.

Nancy zei

Emmy that first photo just sort of stops you in your tracks with it's power.

Karen zei

Emmy, Kantha is a wonderful stitch and the cloth you have used is so beautiful.

MulticoloredPieces zei

Hi, Emma. Very pretty purse and sassy color! I like the stitching.
best, nadia