zaterdag, mei 27, 2006

quilt in progres

more ideas from the workshops whit dijanne
I hade some more fabric left and some more ideas ,

so one other quilt in progres the puple fabric is handdyed by dijanne ,I love it very much

I am not sure about the border ,I think I will FME the border whit leaves , I tryed one in the corner and one flower must go more to the corner so there is much more work to do .

this one is bigger
1.m -1.20.m I like this one better then the other one .

4 opmerkingen:

Deb H zei

This really is beautiful. I think the leasves would look great on the borders.

Micki zei

This is a lovely piece. How wonderful to take a workshop with Dijanne.

jackie zei

Thanks for the comment on my work.I will be back to look at your blog and to follow the progress on your quilt.

Shirley Goodwin zei

I like this one better too, Emmy, lovely mix of colours. And your hand dyes are great for your first time!