maandag, maart 19, 2007

I am a Happy girl

Yes I got a new machine for one year I have been thinking about a new machine and I got it today.
The Husqvarna Desiner and it is a wonderful machine
I am a very happy girl i must play some more
see you later ,,,,,

9 opmerkingen:

Vicki W zei

Congratulations! Isn't it so nice to have a new toy?

StegArt zei

Congrats Emmy! It looks like a nice machine and I'm sure you'll be creating lots of magnificent work on it.

willy zei

Gefeliciteerd Emmy met deze mooie machine!
Daar zal je veel plezier aan beleven. Ik kijk nu al uit naar de mooie dingen die je er ongetwijfeld mee zal maken. Zo geniet ik een beetje mee met je nieuwe aanschaf!
Lieve groet, Willy.

Jacquelines blog zei

Gefeliciteerd!! Kom je zaterdag ook naar Nieuwegein of ben je dan druk met je machine?

jackie zei

Lucky you - it looks fantastic.

Dianne zei

Oh wow!! Now what wonderful things are you going to create with this!!!??

Gunnels blog zei

Congrats Emmy! I have this machine, Husqvaran Quilt Designer 1, and I love it! It´s a really good machine. My is now 5 year, and I am in love still. But now i have my little Janome Xpression too, so I share my love betwin these machines!
Glad you like my ATC, yours is wonderful!

MargaretR zei

Congrats on the machine Emmy. I wait for more wonderful things from you.

Fabric zei

I have been using old sewing machines from 70s and 80's. Are the new machines easier to use? Will they handle thick fabrics? Good luck with your new machine.