zondag, maart 25, 2007

Postcard and quilt

This postcard is for a FAF friend and I put an other picture of the transparent quilt
maybe it is better to see that it is transperant

7 opmerkingen:

jenclair zei

Gorgeous. As usual. :)

Gunnels blog zei

this quilt is very lovely and so exciting with transparent!

StegArt zei

Yes, it is a bit easier to see the transparency. Lovely!

Purple Missus zei

Gorgeous quilt, wonderful colours.
How big is it Emmy?

Dianne zei

The postcard is so colourful!! Wonderful quilt!!!

Alis zei

Wonderful colours and textures.
Hugs, alis

Judy Scott zei

Fabulous and amazing pieces of art, Judy x