donderdag, maart 15, 2007

TAST buttonhole stitch

An other week gone by it is going so fast but here is the new stitch for this week the dubble buttonhole stitch .
Needle felted merino wool and the buttonhole stitch ,
This is just a quick post ,I am working in the garden it is a very nice day and for the next days there wil be rain ,so I wil take some sunshine.

8 opmerkingen:

Alis Clair zei

Love the colours you have used for this piece.

Enjoy the sunshine ;0)

Hugs, Alis

Pat zei

My first reaction was Wow. Love the contrasts.

Sonya zei

The colors really are wonderful and I am in awe of how the wool looks like it was just laid down - nice needle work.

Digitalgran zei

Emmy, your work just keeps getting better and better.

Terri Stegmiller zei

I really like how you incorporated the white areas in this piece.

Micki zei

It is a very nice and colorful piece.

Dianne zei

Beautiful Emmy!! I think you should move to Oz, and be my neighbour!

Downunderdale zei

that's a wonderful piece, Emmy.