vrijdag, mei 11, 2007

Fabric art journal

Anthology is the name of this book
It is a swap setup by Arlee you can see al of it on the fabric art journal blog

The book is comming together now I made the cover and now I am making it in to a real book

This is the backside of the book, the wonderful flowers you see are from the page arlee made

here you see the front of the page from Arlee it is so beautiful the other page is the backside of the page from Samantha

Here the page from Laura lee (left) and the page from Kim, The other pages are not in the book so I let you see them when i finished the book

12 opmerkingen:

Digitalgran zei

What a wonderful book Emmy. That cover you made is fantastic too.

Papoosue zei

That is just fantastic. So vibrant and colourful, and the textures are wonderful too.

Dy zei

It's magnificent! What a work of art.

Micki zei

Fantastic book cover and the book will be wonderful when finished.

Tijm zei

Altijd weer genieten, het bekijken van je prachtige werk!

Sue Bleiweiss zei

Wow Emmy, what a treasure this book is!

Ro Bruhn zei

Wow, this is just fabulous, thanks for visiting my site, I've now found yours and your work is just divine, I'll be back

Barbara zei

wonderful work of art!!

Peggy zei

Absolut fantastic. Great.

Anoniem zei

Love the water-ness of the cover!

molly jean zei


Dot zei

This is wonderful Emmy! I would love to see this up close..