zaterdag, mei 19, 2007

lots of mail and a book box

these 3 cards are from a swap on Yahoo a needlefelt challenge run by nuvofelt
left top card is from Jean the other one on top from Janet and the last one from Patsy
al lovely cards Thanks Ladies

And some atc,s here I need some help the 2 on top are from ,left one Joelle and the other one from Claudine but the last one I got from Fiona and I dont now If I send here a card
so Fiona if you see this please let me now if I send you a card if not I send you one

and more the card is from Tonia and the atc is from Krystina ,
I have got a lot of cards and love to go and see al of them from time to time
Thank you for the lovely mail

here is the book box almost finished and ready to be send of it was very great to work on it and I am pleased with the result
wel on to the next project have a very nice weekend and I want to thank every one that mad e some lovely comments on my blog I always love to read the comment and I think it is so great that you comment and not only visite ,thank you all

3 opmerkingen:

Digitalgran zei

All the postcards are lovely Emmy, but your Book Box is fantastic.

Peggy zei

Absolut fantastic. I like it.

Anoniem zei

your projects are fantastic - what beautiful use of colour. I noticed you left me a message about ATCs - I haven't received on from you yet - so if you have already sent me one, it is time to go and chase the postman!