zondag, juni 10, 2007


this is the first of 2 postcards I have to make for some lovely ladies it is for there birthday
I ame a little late but i hope to get them on the mail intime
I made little rolls of fabric embellished it with beads and yarn added some hand embriodery
the edge of the rolls are painted with gold paint
so one to go

7 opmerkingen:

Digitalgran zei

I love visiting your blog Emmy. It's always so exciting.


A wonderful postcard, the lady could be happy to get this one.

Dianne zei

Beautiful birthday card - lucky ladies!!!

Mary lin Huskamp zei

Beautiful!!! What a lovely gift!

Shirley Goodwin zei

Lovely postcard Emmy.

Purple Missus zei

What a beautiful card Emmy. The FAF girls will love them.

Barbara zei

A very interesting postcard! Love the rolls!