Thursday, June 28, 2007

a wonderful day

Yesterday was a wonderful day and I got so much inspiration
two friends came over ,we met on a course and now we have lovely days together and yesterday was one of those days
a hade a little time today and this is the result of playing with the embellisher
it is a tryout for a coat I made last year. I want to do something with this coat .
this tryout wil help to get on the way .


Papoosue said...

This looks very interesting so far - I love the stitching and the colour is fantastic too.

Waltraud said...

A very good idea - I want to make a birthday card in this way, do you agree?

Jacquelines blog said...

Hi Emmy, het ziet er tot nu toe al heel goed uit, is het al helemaal af of moet je nog iets er aan doen? Ik vind het mosgroen heel erg mooi.

Annica said...

It looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see the coat when it's finished.

StegArt said...

This is looking very gorgeous. The colors are beautiful.

AnneJeu said...

Dit is mooi, Emmy!!

Heidi said...

Emmy dat is een mooie stuk embellishment.
Dat word beslist iets heel bijzonders.

molly jean said...

sounds like a fun time and beautiful results!