maandag, november 05, 2007

I am oke

First I want to thank al of you for the very nice comments on my blog and I have been busy and my blog is a bit on the background at the moment .
I notisted that some of you are missing my that is so nice to here I wil post more regelar and visite your blogs and let you now I have been there
My dear friend Willy made go knitting again but there is so muts wonderful yarn that I have to much work the first wil be a little swaeter from the Rowan book .
The green and the purple yarn are from Klaziens Kreaties realy wonderful yarn .

The purple wil be a stola and the green wel ,,, some knitting and some fabrick whit embellisher work on it

At the moment I also take a workshop in Dronten it is also much work .
the little quilt on top of the page is made for that workshop this is done whit
transfere paint and FME

And this weekend I was asked to do a workshop next year so you see there is much to do and so little time ,

13 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Gelukkig Emmy, je bent er weer. Opnieuw verrassend prachtig allemaal. Fijn, om zo mee te kunnen genieten van wat je doet en maakt. Willy.

jenclair zei

Good to see you back, but it does sound as if you have been very busy!

verobirdie zei

Hi Emmy, nice to see you back.
You look really busy.
I like the yarns and their colors, by the way.

Guzzisue zei

good to have you back, I missed seeing your name appear on my reader.The Purple yarn in a wonderful shade and I hope you are enjoyingthe workshop.

gunnelsvensson zei

Hi Emmy! good to hear from you, but sometimes the blogging have to wait, "the real life" is there out too!

AnneJeu zei

Ik maakte me al zorgen om je! Zo lang geen blog van je, is zo ongewoon!
Maar gelukkig ben je er weer!


So good to hear/read again from you in your blog, but sometimes, I know, our life is so busy, and there is no time for blogging.

Elaine Kerr zei

What luscious yards, you just want to jump into the photo and cuddle them!

Kim zei

Nice to see you posting again Emmy!

Ati zei

So good to hear that you are OK.
Beautiful work Emmy, I like your knitting too :-)

Dianne zei

I have missed you Emmy!! Love the pink yarn, very nice!! The little quilt is gorgeous!!!

Unknown zei

Hi Emmi, the colours of the wool are beautiful, warm colours for autumn and winter! I like your experiments with the embellisher as well as the colours you use for it. Have a beautiful day,

molly jean zei

Nice to see what you are doing. I like to have some knitting to work on in odd bits of time. But sometimes my projects get put away and I don't get them out for a while right now I am knitting flowers to add to other projects.