maandag, november 19, 2007


experiments to make sketchbook, for the ideas I get and to get them on paper and not forget it .
I used watercolors ,inktpads and on some page,s oil pastels

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Quilt Pixie zei

the top pic of your sketchbook reminds me of the sections of a dragonfly wing...

Gunnels blog zei

A very good idea! I think I will have a sketchbook for 2008!
Thanks for comment on my blog!

arlee zei

I just adore the bottom one--just like a pomengranate!!
Thanks for changing the colour of the text so i can read your wonderful blog again :}

Micki zei

Wonderful pages, Emmy. You have a great sketchbook.

verobirdie zei

Good work Emmy, you will have fun jotting your ideas on that sketchbook!

ominnimo zei

Much better than scary white pages.

Jacquelines blog zei

Ziet er prachtig uit Emmy. Het is heel knap als je het kunt volhouden, ik had het voornemen ook een aantal weken geleden maar het is nu weer al in de slop geraakt, misschien past het gewoon niet bij mij...Ik vind je kleurgebruil (zoals gewoonlijk) prachtig!

Barbara zei

its fantastic! different results and..thats what we love!

Carol zei

Oh they are lovely, fab work, what a lovely sketchbook this will be.


great experiments and great results! My favourite is the first one and the last one!
Have a nice day

Eva zei

I love your sketchbook!
Great idea!

Fiona zei

beautiful pages

molly jean zei

They are great! I love doing this sort of thing to paper, too!

Vivian zei

Great pages: they show colour and textures. I'm determined to start a 'colourful' sketchbook this year. Previously, I've just done pencil/pen. However, I do often refer back to them. I laughed yesterday when I looked in the mirror and I had dressed myself in the same colours of the new quilt I am planning!