woensdag, november 21, 2007

land scape

this piece came back today it was send to engeland to take part on a exhibition
now it is home again an I can show it to you .../
I hade a wonderful day with my 2 friends Willy and Sandra a day full of inspiration
these days are so very lovely ,I am looking forwerd to the next day .

21 opmerkingen:

Doreen G zei

Emmy this is so good--what was the Exhibition for.

Ute zei

I love this piece, can you tell me what sorts of fibers you used. The colors are magnificent. Thanks!

Jan zei

Thanks for your generosity in sharing photos of your work. you inspire me very much, I love what you create, all your colors.
Jan in Oregon USA

Kim zei

It's a lovely piece Emmy - wonderful texture and colors

Sue Bleiweiss zei

Emmy this is a gorgeous piece. I love the colors in this. such great texture too. nicely done.

Unknown zei

Hi Emmi, how wonderful this piece is! I see an beautiful autumn landscape with earthy fields and leafs on little ponds :) So beautiful.

gunnelsvensson zei

Emmy this piece is wonderful! Lovely texture! It´s good to have friends you can "play" with! we need persons in the "real life" to share our intresting and ideas with, and we can see and feel the pieces, not only watch like at the internet!

Unknown zei

Het is prachtig Emmy, Heb je het op de embellisher gemaakt of op de normale manier gevilt?

evanyberg zei

Lovely landscape!!

Digitalgran zei

That is one special piece of work Emmy. I wish I had been able to see it while it was in the UK.

Frances zei

this is a gorgeous piece of art, I love the colours and textures,

Françoise zei

Emmy this is beautiful. The colours and texture are so nice.

NuvoFelt zei

The photograph is good,but it was much better 'in the flesh'! Many thanks Emmy. I heartily agree with the comments above.

Susan Lenz zei

This really is a beautiful, textural landscape. If I am reading Jacqueline's comments correctly (I don't read or write or speak Dutch but can manage German), I would like to ask the same question...did you use the Embellisher? The fields of colors are so well integrated that it seems like the Embellisher was used. Whatever techniques you employed, the results are wonderful. It has the look of autumn and the feel of a harvest...truly a lovely landscape. Also, please let us all know where it was on display in England. Great work. Super job. Perfect stitching, as always.

Bettina Makley, aka Fairywebmother. zei

Simply, stunning!

molly jean zei

It is a beautiful piece, Emmy. So nice to be able to share creative time with friends in person!

Doris zei

Dear Emmy,
your site is beautiful !!
May I link you to my site ?

greetings from Germany

Dianne zei

Oh WOW!! Emmy, this is just amazing!! I want to be able to do that!!!!!

Anoniem zei

Vraiment tres raffine
I love these colors and your work is so beautiful

Vivian zei

This is an exquisite little piece!

Cathie zei

Emmy your work blows me away -- the depth - the texture - the color -- very bold and lovely. I will be visiting often - as I find your work very inspiring!