Saturday, December 08, 2007

A little bag and lovely gifts

The bag is a try out , I love the bag it is a lovely shape , so I wil make more but then more like me,,
and I got some wonderful gifts , it came from Susan it was a surprise to get these lovely things
thanks so much Susan .
If you have the time go and see the wonderful art she is making and some of here lovely tutorials
she is a great inspiration to me .

If you like a chalange you have to go and see Sharons blog this year she hase a new one and she puts a lot of work into it ,thank you Sharon for al your work and I hope this new chalange is as great as the last one ,I wil try to keep up this year.

An other great artist and and an inspiration Arlee this year she made some wonderful things
go and see it on here blog

And there are also new friends this year Andrea go and see here art to very wonderful

thank you al for your comments on my blog I was not so activ and I did not comment much but I have seen your work and love to be part of al the thinks you are making
hope to do better next year .

Thank you al


arlee said...


Kim said...

Some (new and) wonderful links! The Take it Further Challenge will be fun.

Tijm said...

Prachtige tas, mooi model!
Bedankt voor de boeiende links!

Pat said...

Glad to see you are signing up for the new challenge, should be fun. Thanks for the link to Andrea's wonderful work.

Dianne said...

I really like the fabrics you used for the bag, and it is a nice shape. Susan is a very talented lady!!!

Françoise said...

The bag is lovely!
I signed up for Sharon's challenge too.