vrijdag, december 21, 2007

A present and some new ideas

I got a wonderful present from Jaqueline lovely fabricks and lace ribbons and lots of little wooden figures and much more is is so lovely Thanks for this wonderful gift I wil make something of this today I worked and than I wil be free so I hope to use this free time to create

I put some ideas on paper for a next project Iam thinking about ,there hase been little time for me, my mother hase been to hospital because after 12 years she hade again brest cancer .
now she is recovering from the opration , and she is doing very well.
there is still a long way to go but we have good hope .

6 opmerkingen:

Sue Bleiweiss zei

Emmy so sorry to hear that your mother is ill. I am sending good thoughts for a speedy and quick recovery from her operation.

verobirdie zei

Emmy, I too am sorry to hear that your mother is ill. I hope she will recover quickly and that you will enjoy many years together.

gunnelsvensson zei

Yes, Emmy, I am so sad to hear about your mother! I hope she will recover quickly.
What a wonderful gift! I ope you will have some time of your own and could create sometihing. I wich you a Merry christmas and a happy new year!

Barbara zei

Best wishes to your mum! ...wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a happy new Year! HUGS Barbara

Judy Scott zei

Dear Emmy thinking of you and your Mum and pray for a speedy recovery for her, Look forward to seeing the design in fabric!!! Happy Christmas ~ Judy xxx

Shirley Goodwin zei

Sad to hear about your mother, but good that she is doing well. I hope you have a great Xmas & New Year.