zaterdag, december 15, 2007

Lost paradise

I am stil working on the quilt today I did a lot of stiching I added some organza and hand embriodery
also some painting it was great to do so much work on the quilt
In the mean time there is an other project that I have to think about
I hope to get this quilt is done before I stard an other one I love to go and make new things and let the old ones lay around .I wil not do it this time it is a promes.
,, lost paradise,, it is about the warming up of the world
A hot issue at this moment and I hope there wil be a sulution for it

5 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Deze quilt is heel spannend.
Goed resultaat.

Carol zei

This is lovely emmy, love the colours and you are right about it being a hot issue.

Kim zei

It would be wonderful to have a solution to global warming. Maybe if we all start taking better care of what we do to contribute to the problem, government and big business will follow along.

I like the "fire & ice" contrast.

Susan Lenz zei

This is such a powerful theme and your work does it justice...hopefully, we will all learn and alter our daily habits as a result. Thanks for caring and sharing...may it make a big difference!

Ro Bruhn zei

Fabulous piece, I love the way you've used the penguin, very significant.