woensdag, januari 16, 2008

little things

I try all little things and here are the results the first picture is a painted piece I wil use on the quilt I am making
the last picture is a little piece of that quilt I painted bondaweb and put it on the quilt between the leaves looks very nice
and in the middel a close up of a little piece I am working on ,I wil let you see more in time

15 opmerkingen:

Threadspider zei

These are lovely details-I am intrigued by the painted bondaweb.It's not a technique I have tried, but it's very effective.

Françoise zei

All this looks very nice. I want to see more!

Barbara zei

I love the piece with the little circles!Wonderful!

Corryna zei

Heel mooi, die eerste en tweede foto. Vooral die tweede. Juist omdat ik het nog allemaal moet leren kijk ik altijd heel aandachtig naar hoe het is gemaakt. Nu weet ik dat nog niet precies, maar het werkt voor mij wel heel inspirerend. Heel kunstig!


Willy zei

Oh..oh..oh..wat mooi!!!!!!


Great - these little things!

Debra Dixon zei

I am curious about the machine quilting and the embroidery. Which one do you do first?

Unknown zei

Prachtig Emmy, vooral de tweede foto. Mooi kleurgebruik!

Dianne zei

The middle piece looks fantastic! Wonderful colours!!

Doreen G zei

Love the middle one Emmy and such beautiful FME

Micki zei

Everything looks so intriguing, especially the piece in the middle. Can't wait to see more.

Alis Clair zei

Just beautiful!

MaryjoO zei

I'm from the TIF challenge ... while I'm not able (time wise!) to look at all the participants' blogs, your colors and stitching caught my eye -- fabulous! Maryjo

gunnelsvensson zei

It will be great! I like all three pictures!

Ro Bruhn zei

These are adorable