zondag, januari 20, 2008

something new

painting bondaweb I just love it and for this page for Carol it is just good
She wanted someting new to you and that is this ,,, working with bondaweb in this way ,,,

From the left overs I made ATC,s
And now I have to paint more bondaweb agreat way to make your fabric so very lovely
I have to try and print to .
I realy hope Carol wil like this page

There is one page I have to make and that wil be for Kim

8 opmerkingen:

Digitalgran zei

It's a lovely page and I know Carol will just love it.

Donna zei

looks like you had great fun with the painting! Its on my "to try" list, but so are a lot of other things... maybe this one will have to "move up" the list :-)

Carol zei

Oh Oh it is lovely Emmy, lucky me!!!! I love the smocking too. can't wait to see it or more importantly feel it! yours is on the way but is slow going!!!

Mary lin Huskamp zei

There is no question - Carol will LOVE the page! It is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Terri Stegmiller zei

I love this!

Unknown zei

Het is prachtig Emmy, daar zou iedereen blij van worden. Het lijkt inderdaad op smockwerk, heel erg mooi.

Barbara zei

I think she will love is inspiration....Barbara

Cyber Fyber zei

Your new work is always. I adore the mask.

I am writing for a particular reason. Did you participate in the TAST challenge last year. Did you make all your stitches into a fiber book?
Please let me know.\
PS I am not writing using my normal account and name...which is and the blog is called Art in Stitches. I am writing using a new account. I am looking for the person who put all the TAST stitches in a fiber book for an exhibition called CYBER FYBER.