zondag, april 12, 2009

broken needle

an other experiment on the embellisher this time I incorperated metal to wool silk sari yarn fantasi yarn
on top organza workend on with the heatgun and than cut in pieces
I realy dont no what it wil be it is after al an experiment
I forgot to tel you I broke one needle on the metal I was going to fast

6 opmerkingen:

Beate Knappe zei

wow so many thinks to look - great

katelnorth zei

lovely - not surprised you broke a needle. Every time I read your blog, I really wish I could see your work on the EC when it comes to me! Guess I will have to wait patiently...

Miekenoor zei

Interessant dat metaal erdoorheen. Was je je niet kapot geschrokken toen je naald brak?

Shari zei

I love this piece. Can you give details as I am new to embellishing. I assume there is wool felt underneath but how do you get silk fabric and all the other items to stay? I seem to need to put wool over the ribbons and non wool items to make them stick. Your color combos are gorgeous.

Mary lin Huskamp zei

Love the color combination and the result! Beautiful!!

Karoda zei

am i understanding clearly that you embellished metal to wool? what type of were not worried about "shavings" getting down into the machine?

what type pf embellisher do you work with?