Friday, April 03, 2009

great day in the sun

It is so wonderful in the garden 20 degree the sun is shining and I am working on a quilt
what do you want more
trying out a new stitch from the class of Sharon b ,,encrusted crazy quilt ,,


Sandra said...

ziet er weer mooi uit Emmy. Heerlijk he, zo buiten in de zon!

2smart said...

Nice stitch,it looks like one I have tried for "stand up" leaves when sewing whitework. I was talking to my daughter who live in Soest this evening and she had had 20 in the garden too today, isn't it great to see the Spring?

Wanda said...

Great stitch! I just LOVE this quilt. You are going to have to get it framed or something becuase it is going to be THAT wonderful! said...

wunderschöne textilkunst!!! dein blog gefällt mir sehr gut.
liebe grüsse,

Jackie said...

Great work.