donderdag, april 30, 2009

this and that

this lovely jacket is made by Annette it is mine now ,she makes more wearebles and sels it to go and check here site Annejeu
Today it is a wonderfulday the weater is lovely and it is the queens birthday so I wil wear it today

and a little more embroidery to show it is not going fast the only thing that is going fast is the sitemeter maybe it is time for a little giveaway when the number comes to 100000

5 opmerkingen:

smarcoux zei

ahh damn you bought my favorite one .. should have bought it myself when I was in belgium visiting...
enjoy it .. its wonderful .. have a good time this weekend if your going to the quilt event.

Alis zei

What a great jacket.
Your embroidery is exquisite.

AnneJeu zei

Dank je Emmy,voor deze lieve reclame!!!
Heb er maar veel plezier van!

yvette zei

mooi begin maar je zal het nooit meer zo zien als het is, alhoewel ik hoop dat het leven gewoon weer doorgaat.

Wanda zei

It may not be "sewing fast" but it sure is beautiful. There's just so much to do in the spring!