zaterdag, mei 13, 2006

ACT's and other things

Some ATC's I have made for swaps , I have some more work i must finish but at the moment i am not so active ,, I do a lot of things but other things .
Today I send two quilts to bourboule, Sofie Gelfi is putting op a festival in europe for some years now ,I never made someting for a exhibition wel last year a made ATC's but not quilts .So it is exiting, I dont know if the quilts wil enter the festival , but i send them out ,,, so I will see . here you can see more of the festival.
When the quilt are on the festival I wil put pictures on the blog . In september I go and see the exhibition in Bourboule .
And next week I wil go to the workshop by dijaan Cevaal , it is a 2 day workshop ,,
I wil keep you informd over the progres .

5 opmerkingen:

Maureen zei

As usual Emmy I love seeing your felting.
The colours you use are always such happy colours,and I like to look closely to see how you do these things!

Sioux zei

Oh, I absolutely love the fiber ATC's. They are just beautiful.

Deb H zei

These are beautiful! Let me know if you'd like to do a trade!

annax zei

These are gorgeous! The colours seem to spark!

Pat zei

Your work IS a dream! Wonderful!