dinsdag, mei 02, 2006

just a little word

I am going on a 2 days workshop ,,,,,, Dijanne cevaal is coming to holland and she is giving some workshops . Here work is wonderful and I love to go ,,,,, and I am in ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,2 days
Sooo I have to prepare for the workshop and stil working on some things , the fabric art journal ,
some work for the festival in bourboule , and it is spring here so the garden needs much attention, so you see there is much work to do .
I dont have photos at the moment but dont worry i let you see al the news in time ,

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Maureen zei

I read on her blog that Dijanne was going to the Nederlands..and I wondered if you were going to any workshops.Lucky you!
I am investigating buying an Embellishing machine.......will try one out next week (it is a Pierrot)
Enjoy your workshop.
Maureen in Queensland

Shirley Goodwin zei

Tell us all about your class with Dijanne. I did a dyeing class with her about 7 years ago now.

smarcoux zei

Emmy do post photos of your workshop stuff.. Dijanne is a personal friend of mine and my mentor!