donderdag, mei 18, 2006


Two days workshop ,that was so wonderful I hade a great time

Dijanne Cevaal is lovely I got so much insperatie I realy loved it

My quilt is not so big and it is in progres, there is so much machine embriodery to do .

There were more beautiful quilts made but i forgot my camera ,

one lady wil send me the other pitures when i get them i wil let you see them

ontil then you have just this quilt

8 opmerkingen:

Sioux zei

Oh, that quilt is really neat. I love the colors and the design!

Deb H zei

I recognized the Dijanne influence before I even read the blog. It's wonderful!
I'd love to take a class from her.Lucky you!

Shirley Goodwin zei

Lovely colours, Emmy.

Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese zei

Georgeous work you have created. Looking forward to seeing the pics of the other pieces too. Can you tell us about some of the things you did on the course, please?
Maggie H.

emmyschoonbeek zei

thank you sioux, yes deb, but she let you do your one thing , she is so relexed and gives insperation ,
wel I made the Top of the quilt on the course. Dijanne helpt us on the way ,working and talking and looking what others are doing .
very nice workshop ,maybe she is comming back next year ,and maybe I will be there to ,I hope sooo

Elle zei

Wow! Nice quilt! Love the orange!

jenclair zei

How strange, I came back to see what is new and find that the comment I made on this quilt isn't here. Can't remember the "scintillating" comments I made at the time, but I still love the colors and the way the lizards move in and out of the border!

emmyschoonbeek zei

thnaks anyway jenclair