woensdag, maart 19, 2008

after long and hard thinking

2 maybe 3 years ago I found on the net the City and Guild course and I was thinking on doing this course but something was holding me back .
And now I did it ,,,,,, yes I did it
Laura and Linda Kemshall are given this course my Tutor is Marie Roper and I started last week ..
wil keep you informed about this adventure .

I dont have any pictures at this moment I wil be back soon with more news and pictures

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Corryna zei

Zo wat gaaf zeg! Ik had deze cursus ook gezien, maar tijd en geld houden mij nog tegen. Als de kinderen iets groter zijn wil ik dit ook graag doen. Ik zag het werk van een aantal studenten en heb het ook gezien bij Wietske Kluck.
Ik hoop dat je je creativiteit nog meer tot bloei kunt laten komen hierdoor. Kan dat eigenlijk? Je bent al zo creatief :-). Je zult er altijd iets van opsteken en het belangrijkste is dat het leuk en inspirerend is. Binnenkort ga ik een workshop doen. Het heet Experimenten 1 en wordt gegeven bij De Stofmeid in Borger. Lekker overzichtelijk en goed in te passen in het gezinsleven. Ik heb er ook veel zin in.
Ga jij ook naar Rijswijk? Ik denk er over om zondag te gaan.


Vicki W zei

I'm excited to hear about this. I'd love to do it sometime - when the full-time job is over!

gunnelsvensson zei

Oh, so wonderful Emmy! I will hear all about it! Congratulations, to take this step!

coral-seas zei

I wish you all the best with the course. I really want to do it, but those I know who have tell me not to even think about it while I am working full time.

Look forward to seeing your progress.


Featheronawire Sally Bramald zei

You've chosen the best course! Enjoy

verobirdie zei

Ooooh: That's great Emmy! I'm looking at their courses every couple of months, wondering if I could find the time to do it. You are braver than me! So i'm very curious to see how it goes.
I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself a lot.

Guzzisue zei

you will have a great time, I did City and Guilds Part 1&2 in creative embroidery at a college in Nottingham, I learnt so much that it was worth every penny

Françoise zei

Which course are you doing?
I'm doing Creative Computing, with Marie Roper too.

Susan Lenz zei

Congratulations! I'm looking forward to learning more about this program and your adventure in it!

Digitalgran zei

Well done Emmy you ar more than 3/4of the way there already!

Mary lin Huskamp zei

Good for you Emmy! Be sure to share pictures.

Happy Easter, Friend!

Jennifer zei

Can you explain City and Guilds to an American? It looks like a vocational school. How does it work? Are there any North American centers? What is the advantage over a traditional collegiate program?

Wil zei

You will enjoy their courses. I just started my diploma course with Marie.