dinsdag, maart 25, 2008

more from Mother

The last challenge we are working one is , Mother, it is the theme Sandra gave us ,
we are as you know by now , Sandra, Willy, And my little persone .
We wanted it to be a secret but we are not so good in keeping secrets .

Mother, 3 cirkles for 3 children the connection to the Mother and the long and hard way a Mother hase to go sometimes to the growing up and to let go of her children .

I wonder if you can see the meaning in this quilt of the Mother
it is stil in progres and I dont know howe to finish it But there is first much more embroidery to do

Ther last picture is a close up of the embroidery

16 opmerkingen:

Willy zei

Emmy, zoals ik ook al bij Sandra heb opgemerkt, mijn moedergebeuren valt totaal in het niet. Wat mooi!!! En wat een prachtig borduurwerk weer!!! en hoe jij het thema verbeeldt. Ik val gewoon stil.... Erg mooi... Willy.

Corryna zei

Dit is werkelijk een prachtige quilt (aan het worden). Mocht je geen goede plek kunnen vinden om hem op te hangen straks, dan heb ik hier nog wel een lege muur ;-).


Sandra zei

Oh, Emmy, dit wordt wel weer prachtig. Kan niet wachten tot ik het in het echt zie en er even aan mag zitten. Kus, Sandra

Digitalgran zei

This is very lovely Emmy and quite different to most of your other work?

Terri Stegmiller zei

Wow Emmy, this is such a lovely piece. I love the colors and shapes and textures.

Micki zei

Wow, I really like this piece Emmy. You always know the right colors to put together. Love all of that texture. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

Laurence zei

Very beautiful. I like colours and texture.

Sue Bleiweiss zei

Emmy this is gorgeous. A wonderful combination of color, texture and shape.

Kim zei

This is a stunning piece Emmy. Love the detail picture of the embroidery - most definitely a labor of love. Looking forward to the finished piece!

Barbara zei

I love this wonderful embroidery....gorgeous..
HUGS and Kisses Barbara

gunnelsvensson zei

This is so beautiful Emmy! Love the colours!

Ann Christine Dennison zei

Wow, Emmy this is really beautiful, I do appreciate you posting them large so I could really dwell on the details. It must have taken ages to create!
:-) Christine

Margeeth zei

Jemig Emmy, heb jij nog wel tijd om te slapen?????
Kom net van Sandra's blog waar ik haar 'moeder' heb gezien, die van jou is weer heel anders, maar net zo bijzonder.

Anoniem zei

c'est d'une beauté époustouflante. Moi en ce moment je suis dans les charentes maritimes pour 3 semaines, aujourd'hui je me suis éclatée tout l'AM sur la création d'une pochette à bijoux dont je mettrais en ligne très prochainement le pas à pas

Cathie zei

Oh Emmy this is just spectacular!! The embroidery, the machine stitching the colors the shapes, I could go on, and on, and on. It is brilliant -- I LOVE IT - and I so want to learn to achieve that much depth in my pieces. WONDERFUL!!!!

Lynn Cohen zei

I can well see why others come here for inspiration. Your work is beautiful and the colors and fabrics and embellishments/embroidery all blend so well and make your work stand out! Amazing, I will return.