maandag, maart 03, 2008

dye day

fabric and embroidery yarn dyeing some in a plastic bag and in a vase the results from the vase are so lovely the first photo,s are from the vase the last photo is yarn out of the plastic bags the fabric is hanging to dry I show you the results later

the colors are so beautiful

yarn from the vase

yarn from the plastic bags

18 opmerkingen:

jude zei

wow, the yarn looks great, how do you do that?

Rosi zei

The yarn from the vase is so rich in color, really beautiful.

Sandra zei

Ha Emmy, MOOI!

Corryna zei

Wat een geweldig mooie kleuren. Hoe krijg je ze zo intens gekleurd?
En in welke volgorde doe je dit alles in de vaas. Dat lijkt mij ook wel een leuk experiment. En waar ik ook nieuwsgierig naar ben is waar je het garen haalt. En rol je het zelf zo mooi op? Of is dat al zo als je het koopt?
Je hebt er in ieder geval weer prachtig materiaal bij. Dat inspireert enorm!

Featheronawire Sally Bramald zei

The yarn looks stunning.
How do you manage to rinse it thoroughly without it getting into a mess?

Doreen G zei

What amazing colours you have achieved Emmy they are stunning.

Micki zei

Fabulous! You did a great job.

Jo in NZ zei

The yarns are great. Love the vase ones. Ditto Jude...have we missed how you do it??

Love the New look blog BTW...I haven't visited for a while (usually read via bloglines)

Françoise zei

Yummy colours. The yarn is so bright!

jenclair zei

Beautiful, beautiful colors! I'm with everyone else: How do you do it?

verobirdie zei

Really beautiful Emmy. I would grab them if I were near them!

Anoniem zei

I am in total agreement with the rest Emmy. The colours are great!

Shirley Goodwin zei

There's nothing like a vase full of dyed fabric and yarn!

La Bastidane (Nathalie Locquen) zei

C'est beau. Très beau. Georgous colours

Karoda zei

these yarns are a feast!!!!

Anoniem zei

Je kleuren zijn geweldig mooi, welke verf gebruik je?

SewDelish zei

Those colours are absolutely gorgeous!

tina's space zei

i am completely fascinated with these dyed fibres and cloth. Can you tell me what you use to get such vibrant colors?