dinsdag, maart 11, 2008

great Link

just this link you must see it !!!!!!!!!!

8 opmerkingen:

Guzzisue zei

thaks, will bookmark this one :)

punkin zei

Wow, great link. Thanks for sharing.

Muriel zei

Thanks Emmy!

Nellie's Needles zei

Thank you. It is excellent and is bookmarked for me.

Alis Clair zei

Great link. Thank you.

Kim zei

Nice site. Thanks!

Cathie zei

Oh my gosh Emmy - this is a dream come true for me!! Thanks so much for the heads up on this link. I am trying to teach myself via a book that I bought, but some stitches are just too difficult to learn by virtue of a "still" picture. You are a saint!!

Heidi zei

Thank you Emmy! I too have been trying with books, but this is so much better! Lovely site by the way!