zondag, juli 06, 2008

screen print

Screen print for the fist time and I think it is so lovely
I am not sure what I wil make of it
But that is not importend it was a try out and it worked out very nice
I printed it on a piece of fabrik that we dyed at willy,s place
The other pieces of fabrik are not so good so I wil dye them again

7 opmerkingen:

Sue B zei

What a terrific image this is Emmy!

Sandra zei

Oeh Emmy, die is gaaf geworden!

Jacquelines blog zei

Ik sluit me aan bij Sandra, ziet er echt gaaf uit Emmy. Je vind vast wel een doel er voor.

Judy Scott zei

This has turned out perfectly ~ the colours on the fabric are wonderful, now what will you do with this? Jx

miekenoor zei

wauw, deze is prachtig geworden, zeg! schit-te-rend!

zondagskind zei

Emmy, ik heb er vandaag al wel 20 keer naar gekeken, BEAUTIFULL!!!!!!! Willy.

Eva zei

It looks lovely!
Emmy I have given you an Award