maandag, juli 28, 2008

So Hot

So hot 29 degree I dont like this weather and look I finished this for coolder days

I must be crazy !!!!!

I cut the front and with the embellisher I punched the edge 3 lovely buttons and now I like it

6 opmerkingen:

Alis zei

I like it too. Love the front.
I don't like it too hot either so know how you feel.

Janny zei

DE oplossing dus......leuk idee!

hippopip zei

A great garment,I love the shape I really need 0ne!

Jacquelines blog zei

Leuk idee, maar beetje warm misschien om nu aan te werken:-)

Anoniem zei

Thanks for the great idea of using the embellisher to punch the edges of sweaters, to keep them from unravelling after being cut. A sweater that I made is too big in the body (gauge issues), and I need to cut it down without unravelling the whole thing (fuzzy yarn will not unravel). I was going to use a serger, but the embellisher is much better.


Lynn zei

Lovely little sweater, with such a unique style. Sweet heart buttons...nice closure.