maandag, september 08, 2008

Crazy quilting and a present

A present from glennis go and see here blog she makes beautiful scarfs
Thank you Glennis for the lovely scraps .
And working on the Crazy Quilt for the CQR group on flickr
There are more projects a am working on, the dream quilt is going very good let you see some pictures later
and 2 challenges I am still thinking about them.
Wel I have to work now so see you all later
have a nice day

4 opmerkingen:

Sojourner Design zei

I know I already commented about it, but I just have to say again what a great job you did rearranging that cross stitch piece!

Jane zei

Interesting to see how this is panning out... love how you recycled the piece to a better end in a CQ project

jude zei

those glennis scraps are amazing. her stuff is so inspiring....

tommy zei

I love the top photo of your finished piece on the top. This may sound like a silly question, but I'm new to the quilting world, and i was wondering if you ever use a sewing machine to speed up the process or if this is all hand stitched?