zondag, september 28, 2008

A lovely place to sleep

OOOO a new challange and as always she helps me with my work ,

and it is so very cosy to have her near me

wel you can,t see much of the work I have done wel next time we let you see more

3 opmerkingen:

Alis zei

Oh so cute!
They do like to be involved with our work don't they.
Looking forward to seeing more of this piece ;0)

tommy zei

Animals have a way of lifting your spirits when you want to pull your hair out! Nice of your pet to watch your work for you. lol.

Heather zei

It has become a fact in our family that if the cat sits on a piece of work, it will be a success. I was working on an assessment piece for a course I was doing, and had doubts about it. I left it on the table and went out, when I came back the cat was curled up asleep on it. Even better, when I read my tutor's mark I found she had given me a distinction - so it really works!