zaterdag, september 06, 2008


Jude started a new flickr group about What if,,, cray quilting revisited,,,
and I was thinking what if I used some embroidry i made a long time ago ,it is in a draw and I dont know what to do with it and I dont like it but the work the time and the materials i put into it
so I cut it up and put it together again
crazy quilting revisited dont you think ??????

8 opmerkingen:

Debra zei

Now I think it would be so cool if you embellished and embroidered it more! You were really brave to cut it up!

Janny zei

Ik ben er van overtuigd dat het mooi gaat worden Emmy, succes !

Anoniem zei

Is there a quilt show in Arnhem this week? During the beginning of September 2008? If so where is it?
Thanks, from Carolyn

Sojourner Design zei

That looks great. I don't throw my "failure" out; they just get tossed together into a box. You never know...

Alis zei

You were very brave to take the scissors to it but what a wonderful piece you have created.
It is fabulous.

Anoniem zei

i love this crazy quilt thing- i think we all have many things we've made over the years that we don't know what to do we do!

jude zei

i love this idea, i like the idea of re-purposing these old projects, they are being re- personalized and made useful and we are having fun at the same time. crazy!

tommy zei

What a wonderful idea! Plus its a very effective way to use all of the old odds and ends from your previous works. With a sewing machine you can probably finish this in no time.