vrijdag, september 19, 2008

home again

wel we went to France and there was so much to see
we hade a very lovely time there.
we stayed in a beautiful little town whit beautiful houses.

we hade to drive a bit to go to the exhibition but is was a wonderful serounding al mountens and grapes so beautiful .

you can see Sandra and Willy waiting for a byt to eat .

and 2 quilt made by Sandra ,
and one I liked so much .
I dont know the name of the woman how made this but again I love this quilt

we hade a great time , there were some freinds from the net and it is always so very nice to meet them again
we met sandy, Dijanne ,Annette ,Laura ,Ina

I read Sandy her blog for a long time and it was very lovely to meet her
see you again Sandy .

we hade a cup of tea and a lovely time with Ina and there were so many things to see we only hade one day it was to short to see every thing but we hade a great time

and it is always so good to come home

see you next time

5 opmerkingen:

Janny zei

Wat zullen jullie genoten hebben van het quiltspektakel....Ik hoop dat er binnenkort weer ergens foto's van worden geplaatst.

corryna zei

Wat een sprankelend bericht. Ook leuk dat je er foto's van Frankrijk bij hebt gedaan. Wat leuk dat je er zo samen op uittrekken. Dat is echt genieten. De quilt van Sandra vind ik ook erg mooi.


Deb H zei

Sounds like a lovely time. I love the quilts.

verobirdie zei

I'm sure you had a lovely time in Sainte Marie. It is a quilter's heaven :-)
I like your heart very much.

Laurence zei

I went too in Sainte Marie. Very beautiful exhibition