Sunday, January 10, 2010

more snow and making plans

there is more snow again, and a cold wind is is blowing .
A little snow storm ,

I am making plans for an other quilt
sampling and drawing thinking howe to
and what if ,,,, I never do much thinking before I make a quilt
but this time it is a bit different
I want to do some new techniques i never used before
so I have to make some samples to see if it works
Today I nearly finished the woman quilt and my knitting is going very well
also almost done .
so room for plans .


Hopscotch said...

I look forward to following yout progress and
watching as it unfolds!
A very productive New Year to you

sandra said...

Making plans is always nice.

Wanda said...

I love plans! I thrive on lists! Your new quilt looks like it is going to be stunning! Looking forward to seeing how the plans pan out!

Sabine K. said...

I think, thats the best way - make plans while the wheather is uncomfortable!