zaterdag, september 02, 2006

Book Covers

I made some bookcovers for a sort of swap .

on the website of Marloes you can see wonderful hand made books .

I have made some covers and Marloes wil make a book of it
This is just a try out I dont now if the cover are oke but I like them

7 opmerkingen:

mirabelka zei

I love this work of yours as I love all your work ! You have a really good eye for color ! It looks wonderful !

jenclair zei

I like them, too, emmy! How did I become so enchanted by orange? In recent years, it has moved into "favorite color" category. It looks especially good with purple and green.

Claudia zei

Love the colors! Orange is one of my new favorites too! Isn't it funny how our color preferences change as we grow?

jackie zei

Thank you for your comment. Your new work room makes me 'green', with envy. Your work is a lovely splash of colour.

Helen Suzanne zei

these look wonderful Emmy, how big are they?

emmyschoonbeek zei

Thank you al for the nice comments
the pieces are 15x15 cm

arlee zei

Emmy, you are so lucky to be doing a swap with tussenpozzen! Two artists with beautiful beautiful work!!