dinsdag, september 12, 2006

paece prayer

I am working on a page for a swap This one is for Acey It is a paece prayer .The circkle in the middle is the world the blue pieces are people and the green leaves are the peace spirits it needs more beading and embriodery , for the back site ? i am stil thinking about that I have a idea but need to work on it .
It is not a good picture the colors are very dark on the picture and not in real but more pic. wil come

9 opmerkingen:

arlee zei

Oh she's gonna LOVE that! Perfect!

ACey zei

Oh she is beyond lovin' it - that is TOO AWESOME, wow. :)

Kim zei

It's wonderful - the blues and greens have such peaceful energy.

gunnel zei

httpso lovely, I like the colour

gunnel zei

This is so lovely I mean

Bente zei

This is lovely Emmy. a great idea :-))) (and I wonder what I'm going to make...........)

jenclair zei

Great job, Emmy. Serene, but with so much visual interest and detail.

Deb H zei

Your work is always so textural, so...yummy! I love it all!

paris parfait zei

This is stunning - love the colours, but most of all the sentiment.