donderdag, september 21, 2006

Friesland in progres

I think it was to abstract for me so now I added some mull I dyed yesterday There wil be more beading and embriodery .
I have a better feeling of the page ,it is still not what i want but I think it will be oke .

6 opmerkingen:

sue b zei

I really likethe colors in this piece Emmy.

Françoise zei

Wow! Lots of texture now! More and more Emmy. I like it.

Bente zei

This looks great! I like it better after you added the dyed mull. I think it will be wonderful!!! And I have to get along with my pages too.......

Anoniem zei

I agree, much better now. What is mull?

kathy zei

this is coming along beautifully...I felt like I was walking in a forest with my first glance, so you're capturing what you want

Shirley Goodwin zei

I think you've captured the nature of your region very well, Emmy.