zondag, september 10, 2006


This Fabric journal page is done for a swap we make a journal page for a person and get one in return ,Dianne wanted Passion The little book is a tag it look big but it is much smaller than the page .

2 opmerkingen:

AnneJeu zei

Hallo Emmy,
Ik lees met plezier je blog. Ziet er goed uit! Je werk met de embellisher volg ik met interesse. Ik ben zelf redelijk 'verslaafd' aan dat ding...
Succes, Annette

FaeryDi zei

Hello Emmy,
Thankyou so much for these pages and the little book! In the flesh (so to speak), they are even more wonderful!!! I absolutely them!!!
Dianne xxx
Mornington Peninsula