zaterdag, september 09, 2006

home work

for a course I made some homework it is not my style i am not into the abstract things I wonder what you think of it please give me some good advice I think I need a bit of it

3 opmerkingen:

sue b zei

I like it. I like the color combination that you used and the shapes of the blue pieces. I like to work in odd numbers so I might have used 5 blue pieces instead of 4 but I think it's a terrific piece! I like the stitching that you did too.

quiltkunstquilt zei

Emmy its ok,I like it, but it isn´t Emmy-like:You´re right its not your style.Only the colors are yours. I think you could do a little more embellishments like stiching or felting.Or incorporate it in another work, built something around. What do you think?

Maureen zei

Like Christiane,I like the colours ...the tones you used are "MY colours"(and also I want to play more with triangles)
it just doesn't have that "Emmy trademark" about it!
Maybe I'm so used to your red/orange/yellow FLAMES.