maandag, oktober 02, 2006

Arlee,s Page

Full of ideas and this is one of them .
The Anthology pages for Arlee , howe do you see me,, that is Arlee,s page to be ,
I see her as a wonderful woman ful of colors and ful of humor for me she is just a bag ful of new things ,and when you open it ......... a big stream of, color ,ideas, fabricks ,beads and all other things come out of the bag .
I hope you can see what I mean
The orange background the color she likes ,The net cant keep her in controle she must be free
making beaytiful things whit her fabricks and yarn
It is stil in progres .

5 opmerkingen:

Maureen zei

What a brilliant way to describe Arlee,Emmy!
I think the description also "fits you" my friend!
I look forward to seeing the completed page.

Kim zei

Excellent choice for Arlee, a veritable cornucopia of color and texture!

Deb H zei

What a great idea of how to express your feelings. I love the colors & textures as always.

Hey Emmy, did you go to Barcelona for the IQA show in 2002? I remember meeting a girl there, who showed a little piece that reminds me of your work. Could it have been you?

arlee zei

Oh Emmy, i love the interpretation of me! :} You're the best!!!

Joanne S zei

I love this. So colorful and fun. Now I want to make one!