zaterdag, oktober 28, 2006

Artshare Meme

Saw this on Arlee,s blog She is a busy woman she makes wonderful bags

So if you want to play allong read this and you wil get a piece of art from me , but you most follow the instruction ,

The first five people to respond to this in the comments section will receive a
piece of artwork. BUT if you respond you have to post this to your blog too and continue sharing the art. It will be a surprise!!! And i get to choose what and when to send--meaning it will be after the first week of November at least.........

I think it is a great way to share art

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Maureen zei

So Emmy,after flitting over to Arlee and skybells blogs,I'm back again!
HAD to tell you....
I'm getting an embellishing machine this week!WOOHOO!
Have all sorts of ideas to try out--at long last!
NOW,do I need mention you,Arlee and who else on my blog

Deborah zei

Hi Emmy, I love this ideas! I would be thrilled to have a piece of art from you and I will be happy to post this same idea on my blog. I've been itching to do a "swap" and this is a new way to spread the creative spirit. Genius!

Maureen zei

Thanks for pointing out my error Emmy..I corrected it by cutting and pasting your comments to MY blog.
Be interesting to see if anyone thinks my "art" is worth having! Big grins!
Off to get my embellisher today!

Joanne S zei

Hello Emmy! Joanne from wednesday's child and I have already said yes to Deborah's challenge for art and will say yes to you also. I will try and figure out how to post this on my blog tomorrow.

This looks like fun!

guzzisue zei

i've been reading your blog for a few weeks, keep up the good work, waiting for new computer before setting up my own blog. busy working with black velvet and sari yarn- not sure what the result will be.

:-D eirdre zei

Am I number 5? I've posted to my blog.