maandag, oktober 30, 2006

Cellphone bags

I ame making more cellphone bags ,It is easy and at the moment I have little time and I stil wat to do someting
And I love this cellphone bags

I am doing a course in Dronten and it takes a lot of time ,
I learn a lot and it is so much fun ,but I have a lot of new ideas for the fabric journals and there are more swaps I have to do .
so I have a busy time

4 opmerkingen:

sue b zei

Lovely Emmy. I really like that purple one. The dangly beads are a nice touch.

Maureen zei

I agree,Emmy!
The purple bag with the bead trim is beautiful.You are so busy with your embellisher...clever lady!

Kim zei

Sweet! The beads add a nice touch.

Dianne zei

Bloglines just notified me about this blog post!! That's why I missed it... I love your mobile phone holders - I'm going to make one for my little phone - I keep dropping the poor thing!!